Self-locking anti-static wheels.


  • Weight only 90 kg.
  • Narrow personally lift
  • Super stabil
  • Easy to transport
  • Max. load: 120 kg. 

Uplift5 is very stabil, as it use a new technique with 2 gliding profiles on the sides. Uplift5 function with one gas spring and one Actuator which mean there is no hydraulic and no possibility for leak of oil. The system is developed by Lockhard and is Pat. Pending. The lift is really easy to move and more safe as traditionally oil based hydraulic systems. 

Wheels blocks automatically once the lift is going up. Lockhard has also developed a unique mechanically wheels braking system that blocks all 4 wheels at the same time. Therefore the users only need to place the lift in the right position and press the bottom. 

Transport of the Uplift5 is simple and easy – Removing the 4 ballast weight (each 15 kg. with handle), flip back the lift into Your Van or trailer – suit also a big St. Car. There is two extra wheels in the back of the lift – to make it easy.

Battery capacity is more than sufficient for a long working day or more.

Technical data:

Max. platform height: 3,0 meter

Max. Working height: 5,0 meter

Outside dimension: Length x wide x height 110 x 68 x 190 cm.

Weight: 90 kg., with ballast weight 150 kg. Totally, each ballast (4pcs.) is 15 kg.

Engine: 12 voltage battery and Charger build in.

Working height 5,00 m.
Material Aluminium
Platform size 70 x 50 cm.
Type Lifte
Weight 90 kg.
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1 sæt stabilisator til Uplift5 (UPSTAB2)
1 sæt stabilisator til Uplift5
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1 stk.stabilisator til Uplift5 (UPSTAB)
1 stk.stabilisator til Uplift5
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